Supporting Local Craft Hide & Home

The last decade has seen a huge rise in the popularity of hand crafted items online, with numerous websites dedicated to selling handmade exclusively, giving crafters fantastic opportunities. Whether it’s a hobbyist creating items for fun, or someone doing it for a full time living, there’s one extremely good reason for shopping for handmade crafts: You’re supporting real, local craftspeople. 

Shopping with local crafters is always a rewarding experience, you’re directly supporting someone who could easily be a neighbour and part of the local community. You’ll always have their undivided attention while they make your unique item, they genuinely care about their customers and the products they make. And all this at a fair price, most craftspeople will only price their items to cover materials and labour. 

We are Hide & Home and we’re a husband and wife pair of leatherworkers, working out of the small workshop in our garden in Tonbridge. What started as a hobby has now become our small business. We passionately craft leather items such as wallets, notebook covers, gifts and much more! Every stage of our process is done by hand, from the cutting and tooling, to the stitching, using hand tools and the skills we’ve honed over the years.

We love working with leather for its versatility and the many things we are able to turn it into for our valued customers. The leather we use is high quality and being a natural material each hide takes on different and sometimes unique characteristics, our products make for fantastic thoughtful gifts. 

Looking for something special made just for you? We’re always happy to take on custom orders. You can find out more about us and our leather goods on our website or maybe find us at a local market near you within Kent! 

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