Start as you mean to go on

Not sure what to do in a gym, find it daunting and lose enthusiasm fast?

You’re not alone! In fact most people need guidance and motivation when it comes to keeping consistent with their fitness training. So the trick is to find something you enjoy, if you don’t like the gym maybe try classes instead.

If you enjoy the outdoors get out walking or running! Remember you have to enjoy what you are doing (most of the time) so it might take a while to find your rhythm and find something you like. A good tip is to attend sessions with a friend, it’s been proven to help you stay on track!

Not sure where to start to lose those Christmas pounds? Food is where you start. Get the My Fitness Pal app it’s free and helps you track what you eat, your movement and helps you stay focused with great recipes and fitness tips too. It helps you realise what you are putting in to your body and makes you feel accountable for it. People are always looking for that miracle way to lose body fat but it all boils down to calories in vs calories out. There’s no quick fix but it’s not rocket science! It really is a helpful app.

Don’t over commit and go in too hard! Some people go fitness crazy in January as they feel super guilty from the festivities and want a quick change but going too hard in the first few weeks could prove detrimental.

Maybe start with 2 sessions per week and make it part of your routine, if you over commit to too many sessions at the start it could be tough to sustain and it’ll begin to feel like a chore, especially if you’re starting up again after a long break. Build up slowly, consistency is key. After a couple of weeks add in another session. Slow and steady wins the race!

At Pure Power Studios we run small group Power Plate training sessions and at 25 minutes they’re perfect for those looking to start a fitness routine they can stick to! Drop us an email to arrange a free trial and see how we can help you.           |