Spotlight on: Victoria Genevieve

We caught up with style icon Victoria Genevieve to talk all things Fashion.

Have you always wanted to be a stylist

I have always longed to work in the fashion industry and my career goal was to be a Women's Wear Fashion buyer. However not long after graduating from The London Collage of Fashion in the early 2000's, I found myself pregnant with my first child. I quickly learnt that industries were not flexible towards mothers working, I did however have a lovely part time job offer from a big British fashion house but unfortunately the amount that they wanted to pay me wouldn't cover my childcare, train ticket and the cost of actually living life with a small child. So I returned to retail which I had always worked in while studying from the age of 16 and through to the end of my degree. 

I had worked in Boutiques, high street retailers and the Luxury Fashion industry. It was at this point that I knew as a mother I would listen to customers discuss their problems around time constraints, feeling like they have nothing to wear and not prioritising themselves since having children. With all I had learnt in my degree and career thus far in retail I decided to set up my Personal Styling business which organically grew via word of mouth and reputation. I have now been running the business for the past 14 years and have a wonderful group of clients on my books and always attracting new clients via referral or social media.   

Favourite item in your wardrobe?

My new Shrimps Coat. It is my most treasured item in my wardrobe. I absolutely love it and every time I wear it I feel so happy and others have stopped me in the street to say it makes them happy too. 

What services do you offer?

I offer a Wardrobe Detox Service which I think is essential before booking a Personal Shopping appointment. It addresses where the client is at and from that we can really make a difference in moving forward. 

The Personal Shopping is throughout Kent and London but I do work with a few clients throughout the UK and further afar.  I find each client would suit a different location and budget is always considered. Most clients spend upwards from £600 to £10,000+. I cater for all budgets. 

Then there is a  Personal Styling service. For me this is the most important element and insures you maximise all you have bought on your personal shopping trip and whats left from the Wardrobe Detox in the first appointment. 

Can you tell us a little bit more about the different events you do?

Over the past few years I have been a guest speaker for SheerLuxe, London Fashion Week, Bentalls Shopping Centre in Kingston, Mums the Word and Sevenoaks Mums. More recently I have been ,hosting my own events and working alongside SpaceNK and well known High Street stores and online boutiques. In 2019 I'm already booked in for two events and I can't wait to meet up with people. I am all about face to face rather than virtual reality and when the two come together it's magic.  

Have you ever worked with any celebs?

Yes but all my clients are confidential unless they are happy to collaborate and share information. Discretion is key and I think thats one thing that clients like about how I work. Although I use social media my clients are not featured or used to promote what I do. 

Top tip for anyone struggling with their style?

If you are struggling with your style look at your wardrobe and SHOP IT, think to yourself "Would you buy this today"? If the answer is no, ditch it!

What are your favourite brands?

I love all sorts of brands and I think brand loyalty can sometimes be the reason why people get lost, they key to shopping is to buy the best things for you from each brand, no brand has a collection thats perfect for every one person. 

We’ve been seeing a lot of leopard print but what else is key to A/W 18 

Traners, faux fur, cashmere and sequins have been been really important key items for AW18 which is handy because I love them all, they are so easy to wear too. Don't be afraid of sequins, they brighten up any day so wear them everyday, not just for going out in the evening. 

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