Spotlight On: Hattie Harrison

I caught up with Hattie, owner of That Mum Blog, YouTube sensation and Christmas cracker humming game champion 2008.

Can you tell us about The dads Network and your involvement with it?

Yes! I met Al and Jen - founders of Dadsnet - by hanging around the local hotspots (softplay) and I guess I just saw them so often and they found me so endearingly irritating that they thought they’d offer me a job. I now edit the posts that people submit via the Dadsnet website and love reading other people’s blogposts due to my lifelong commitment to being nosey.

You recently set up a youtube Chanel (Im obsessed it’s hilarious) How did this come about and whats it like working with Aimee Cooper?

Thank you so much! Are you our one subscriber?! I met Aimee lots of times via her business, Little Springers, and also at Mums the Word events. We also attend the same writing group and I think one day it just dawned on us that we are both total egotistic show-offs and we should regularly compete in who-can-be-more-ludicrous competitions. We now film a little sketch weekly and it’s the highlight of my week. So basically I love working with Aimee and I’m not just saying that because I’ll definitely be sending her a link to this (I am). 

How many kids do you have and what are their ages?

I have three children who are 3, 5 and 8. 

Are you from Tunbridge Wells? Whats the best thing about living here?

Yes, I’m from the area so was familiar with it when we moved from London. The best thing is undoubtably the fact that it takes less time to get served in the pub than it does in London. 

What made you start That Mum Blog? 

After I had my youngest child I thought I would lose all my Facebook friends if I continued to post stuff about babies all the time so I started an anonymous blog alongside my personal account. It’s obviously no longer anonymous. Or is it? I’m actually a man called Damien. Or am I? 

Talk to me about judgy parents, you spoke about it in one of your blogs and I’m sure every parent can relate

Parents who judge other parents are not happy parents because they must be constantly judging themselves. I’m not in the business (or position) to judge anyone else’s parenting skills and if you’re reading this Janet* from across the road - NEITHER ARE YOU. 

* Janet is made up for the purposes of this joke. If a Janet lives over my road then that is merely a coincidence and ‘Hi Janet, how are you?’

Have you ever considered being a stand up comedian?????!!! 

Yes, regularly. And then I remember that I have an abject need to be liked and the thought of doing stand up makes me need the toilet. Having said that I recently attended a comedy writing course in London and did a spot of stand up in the last week so watch this space...

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