Spotlight on: Ashely Wilson

We caught up with blogger Ashley Wilson from A Mothers Edit to talk all things, family, fashion, beauty and confidence

Tell us about the blog, when did it start and how?

After a years maternity leave my former employee couldn't offer me any flexibility with my working hours so I was forced to leave and instead chose to freelance from my home. I found myself wearing the same old clothes everyday not making an effort and feeling a bit down on myself. The blog and Instagram was my creative outlet, I loved thinking of different styling solutions, images etc and it gave me a reason to make an effort again even though I wasn't commuting into an office in London anymore. 

I’ve just seen your Debenhams party edit, what other brands have you worked with? And do you only work with ones you love?

I've loved working with Debenhams - in fact I used to work for them when I was 21, my first London PR job was in their head office, meeting all the designers was so exciting and it fuelled my love for styling and fashion. I've worked with some amazing brands over the past few years - The White Company, John Lewis, Wallis, Sky, Marks and Spencer, Avon, &OtherStories, Sezane etc to name just a few. And yes - so important I love them and they are brands I choose to use or wear.  

Whats your background? Where were you working before this? 

I left university and started a grad scheme at a PR agency in Birmingham then moved home to London and worked at Debenhams. After my time in house there I worked at an agency that looked after brands such as Tiffany & Co, French Sole, Milly, Ugg etc etc and my last job before leaving the PR world was as PR Manager at Pringle of Scotland putting on fashion shows and events in London, Paris and Milan. I learnt a lot but the hours could be very long hence not fitting too well with a commute and a baby. 

What are your favourite looks for AW/18? Any predictions for S/S19?

I have loved all the autumnal browns this season - but for Spring Summer I am going to come out of my comfort zone and embrace the Marigold trend - the colour not the gloves!  

How much of a part do you think self confidence plays in personal style?

Self confidence is so important - when someone says to me oh I love that so much but I could never pull it off - I say YES of course you can you just have to wear it and be confident. But in the same way - never wear something you don't feel comfortable in as clothes should make you feel good. So if that thing you think you cant pull off actually makes you feel good when its on but you're worried you look silly. Just wear it and enjoy feeling good. Forget that mean little doubt devil that tells you otherwise. Fashion should be fun!  

What are your favourite beauty products at the moment?

I am loving Votary at the moment - a recent brand discovery its so lovely on the skin. And Skinceuticals - not the cheapest but every single product works. Its fantastic!  

Lets talk sizes, I recently saw your story about being a size 12/14 and everyone (myself included) was pretty shocked! Can posture really play that much of a key role in how you look?

Absolutely - how you carry yourself is so important - which takes me back to self confidence and walking tall believing in yourself. And knowing what works on your body. I know the styles that flatter me and those that don't just from trial and error.  

How would you describe your personal style?

Classic with a wannabe rock n roll edge! 

Smart Casual is a term I loathe, I cannot for the life of me ever get it right, any tips?

I know - dress codes like this get me all confused. I think it just means your usual daytime look. My go-to is always Levis and a top. In the evenings I will add a silk cami and heels, in the day boots flat or heeled with a shirt. Really special event - I'll add a red lip.  

What do you think resonates with your followers? What do you feel makes your blog and social media so popular?

I hope it’s that I am honest. Life is not all rosy like so many Instagram accounts portray and stories have allowed people to show this more easily. But ultimately people visit my blog to shop and see how they can style their own clothes in new ways. I try and keep on top of the new trends but make them work for busy mums and I am always looking for things to share that could help people that are juggling parenting with a busy life - life hacks and beauty tricks etc.

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