Reflect, Plan, Act What will you do when you retire?

It’s an incredible percentage but up to half of the population do not know when they want to retire! Many do not work out that it can be no fun being fully retired, if your friends still work perhaps and can’t spend time with you during the day. Often a whole new set of friends, new hobbies and other interests are required to keep people stimulated happy and healthy. Often people go from full time employment straight into retirement and are then surprised that they take a couple of years to adjust to this major change in living. Slowly reducing your work hours over your final years at work could be the answer for some but how can this be catered for?  You might still be many years away from this but there could be ways of adjusting for this over a longer time spell.

Start planning and remember; “Never let your memories be greater than your dreams” When you stop living, loving and learning you lack purpose, confidence, self-worth and drive. It sounds harsh, but you start dying, regardless of age. Most of us think that we work for money, but money isn’t the only reason we work. Our jobs also provide a range of social interaction, intellectual challenges and often a sense of accomplishment, achievement, satisfaction and enjoyment. Have you considered this and built into your future retirement plans? 

Life expectancy for a 65-year, old leaving the workplace to retire, can expect to live until 83 (male) and 86 (female). It also provides us with a timely reminder that you have got 20 to 30 years worth of living to save up for.

The time for achieving financial independence is still directly proportionate to how much effort you’re prepared to put into achieving it. You’ll also have to come to an understanding of what retirement and financial independence really mean from the:

•     Perspective of your own goals

•     Risk assessments

•     Lifestyle

•     Family choices. 

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