Picking a Photographer

When it comes to picking a photographer there are a lot of things you need to consider. But ultimately you should move love love their work! I like to use as many as possible and support as many independent businesses as I can, I use different photographers for different things. For example, I may use one for events, One for covers, One for Social Media posts. When picking a photographer I ask myself these questions:

  1. Ultimately do I like their style! Does it fit with my brand?

  2. Are they edited well? A good photo looses all its glory if the contrast is to high or its over exposed

  3. Do I feel at ease working with them. Do I feel comfortable in front of the camera? No. But working with these three wonderful people, I felt at ease and enjoyed our time together

  4. Creative input . Will they listen to my ideas, suggest their own and can we work together to achieve something amazing

The three photographers featured on this months cover tick all these boxes and at the end of this article I’ve given a shout out to a few more I think you should defiantly check out.

Each issue we showcase a small business owner on our cover. This month  we flipped the camera round and  interviewed our Support Local  Photographers    

Leana Keen

What type of photography do you specialise in? 

I specialise in Wedding and Engagement photography which is my real passion. Alongside this I also do corporate photography to support small businesses with their social media and marketing. Whether that’s product photography for their website or headshots. 

It’s really important that I not only make my customers look great but also that they feel great while having their photo taken, I pride myself at making people feel at ease

What’s it like working with Support Local and what shoots have you done for them? I feel like its such a collaboration working together on the cover shoots with Hope.  I’ve shot several of the covers, Hope’s headshots and the images above in collaboration with Mollie and John. I love that Hope’s not afraid to be different, the shoots are fun and creative. I’m always really happy with the results.  If you’d like to find out more about my work why not visit leanacatherine.com or contact me on hello@leanacatherine.com or 07487774858

 John Knight

What type of photography do you specialise in? 

I have been professionally photographing since 2007, and in that time I have been lucky enough to photograph many things - but what I love most is photographing people. Being a freelance photographer can be a lonely job, with a lot of time spent editing. I thrive when I get out on location for weddings, parties and families to portraits and commercial work. I love mixing with people and creating a relaxed atmosphere that rewards with lovely photos.

What’s it like working with Support Local and what shoots have you done for them? I was born and have always lived in Tunbridge Wells, so when Support Local first popped up it was one of those ideas I wish I’d had. When I got the opportunity to photograph for the magazine I jumped at the chance. There is such a wealth of local talent and creativity that it felt like a real honour to meet the talent behind the business's and hear their stories. 2019 is going to be an exciting year for me with two new photography websites launching – so please follow along on Instagram for all my latest news and work @photographedbyjk or say hello on 07747 827617 johnknightphotography.co.uk   

Mollie Manning

What type of photography do you specialise in? I work with businesses, brands and magazines to provide content! A lot of my job is to do with Photography but I’m also a Social Media Manager and Editorial Assistant. My work is used for editorial purposes or social media/website use. I shoot a lot of portraits, fashion, lifestyle, interiors and events, every day is different which is what I love the most! 

What’s it like working with Support Local and what shoots have you done for them? It’s fab working for Support Local! I love supporting the small businesses we have here in Kent. We are so lucky to have so many amazing people doing so many amazing things! Support Local really epitomises that and allows their stories to be heard so it’s always a pleasure to work with Hope. So far, I shot the Sept / Oct Edition. It was a shot I took of Phil Wellard from The Pork House Pit  and his huge BBQ! I had so much fun shooting with Phil. He actually had a Pop-Up at The Black Deer Fest this year and I can confirm his BBQs are some of the best.  molliermanning@gmail.com molliemanning.co.uk

Need some more inspiration? Heres a list of a few more Kent based photographers we love:

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