Keeping your children safe at get togethers

The last thing on anyone’s mind at a family or friends get together should be first aid but understandably it is a time when we are more relaxed, so may not be as aware of potential hazards especially if in unfamiliar surroundings and so unfortunately accidents and injuries may occur.

Here are some things to consider to help keep your little ones safe.

When you first arrive look for areas where children could:

Fall- such as stairs or steps with no stair gates and loose or uneven flooring.

Cuts, bumps and more serious injuries– such as furniture with sharp edges, unsecured TV’s, where drink glasses are being placed as well as any reachable fragile decorations or ornaments for potential breakages.

Choke– such as food left out e.g. nuts, popcorn and fruit as well as small toys or games for older children and adults.

Burns– such as open fires or candles, fireworks or sparklers, fancy dress costumes which are often not fire resistant and where hot drinks are being placed (these can still burn a child 20 minutes after they are made).

It’s a party and so there is likely to be wine, champagne etc. which children may be curious about and so keep an eye out for any ‘mine sweeping’ intentionally or not! Also, not all desserts will be children appropriate - my Nan’s trifle was always full of sherry! 

On your way to and from even though it’s cold children should not wear their coats whilst travelling in cars and always adjust sleeping babies’ layers on arrival at the party.

Don’t forget your first aid kit just in case… always handy to have plasters and an instant ice pack when children are around and look out for nearby defibrillators.

Last of all have fun and have a great New Year!

Article By: Nicola Glover

Daisy First Aid Tunbridge Wells & Sevenoaks