Four steps to Better Skin

If there's one thing we all want, it's healthy skin. There are things we can do to encourage our skin to be clearer, brighter and more supple….

1. Slather on the SPF:

If there's one thing dermatologists agree on, when it comes to anti-ageing, it's the power of a daily SPF application. 

"As much as 90% of the changes associated with ageing are a direct consequence of sun exposure and damage from UV light. It therefore makes sense to ensure the skin is protected with appropriate SPF to reduce the signs of premature ageing."

2. Book a combination Facial – combining a Skin Rejuvenating treatment with a None Surgical Aesthetic facials (Natural Skin Peels/LED Light/Dermaroller/microdermabrasion ect) is becoming extremely popular due to  the results being achieved with multiple techniques.

3. Swallow your skin care- by intaking smart skin supplements… also some skin disorders acne, eczema etc have been linked to your gut… pro-biotic intake can reduce inflammation in the gut therefore has an effect of the skin.  

4. Applying a weekly mask- sheet masks are becoming very popular as they are saturated with active ingredients like hyaluronic acid which increases hydration and plumpness. This is absorbed into the skin with ease!