Eat Smart

Make better food choices this year and think, sleep and feel better. 

We all know the New Year is a time for getting fit and eating right.  Unfortunately You can’t out train a bad diet which is why we spoke to three specialists to hear their tops tips for eating well in 2019

Best Health Food Shop 

Everyone knows that sugar is bad for you, but do you know the hidden dangers? Sugar increases your risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. It also compromises immune function, accelerates ageing, effects cognitive behaviour, increases stress, and can impact your risk of developing cancer. New Year is a great time to focus on health and make better choices for you and your family.  Get educated about sugars in food - read labels! Eat food you prepare and choose healthy whole-food snacks. Visit Best Health Food Shop on St John's Road, for a huge selection of delicious, healthy food and snacks, or to talk to someone in store about healthier choices. 01892 549310 

Severien Vits Food Photography

Cook from scratch as much as possible, especially if you are after something sweet. It will still be healthier than what you buy and you need to go through a bit more effort to do so. So you will do it less and enjoy it more. We all like to eat, many of us like to cook, Severienwwww is someone who loves to photograph food most of all. She teams up with chefs, farmers and food producers to create images that make their food stand out. This helps her customers to impress with their products and dishes in cookbooks and magazines, on their websites and social media. 


Nutritiously Alice

Try not to look at nutrition in a black and white view where foods are either good or bad. This can lead to a restrictive mindset, a lack of motivation and negative cravings. It is important to remember that even when you’re prioritising your health no one expects you to be perfect and life is all about balance.  To find out more visit Nutritiously Alice, an online nutrition and fitness blog and private nutrition clinic. Her aim is to motivate and educate individuals and families in healthy eating, cooking from scratch and keeping fit on any budget.


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