A healthy take on the takeaway from our kitchen to yours

Parents, carers, couples. Whatever your situation, we’re all juggling busy lives and finding that the work/leisure balance is becoming increasingly more difficult to achieve.  Planning, shopping and cooking fresh meals for your family is no exception.

Often, supermarket ready meals and fast food takeaways are the grab and go solution but we worry that the additives and preservatives that go into these foods are not good for our long term health and well-being.

Working mum of three and founder of The Food Spa Hannah Murphy understands this dilemma only too well. She found that buying supermarket ready meals meant that her weekly food spending was getting out of control and she felt guilty that she wasn’t cooking fresh meals from scratch. She found through research that she was not alone. Many of us feel the same and time constraints due to work and family commitments is also increasing our spending on fast food takeaways.

The Food Spa aims to restore this imbalance by providing a service in and around Tunbridge Wells that delivers affordable chilled home-style fresh meals to your kitchen. We don’t put any unnecessary additives or preservatives in our food as all meals are prepared as you would prepare them at home – this eliminates the stress of planning, shopping and cooking.

All meals are oven and microwave ready on delivery. All packaging is freezer friendly too. Larger portions are available on selected meals for when you have visitors. All you need to do is heat and eat when you are ready. 

Visit our webpage: www.thefoodspa.co.uk, or call us to find out how we can help make your life easier. 

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