6 Tips to Managing your Administrative Workload

To Do List

Lists will help you visually see the tasks ahead of you. By writing them down, you can put them in a logical order of importance and keep your time management up to date and your stress levels at bay.

A tidy Inbox

No, that doesn’t mean you need to have answered every email as soon as it comes in and have filed it away.  But by using the tools available to you such as categories, colours and flag options this will help you get an idea of what is coming in and what needs actioning and how critical each one is.  Also, it doesn’t hurt to file those emails away once you have dealt with them!

Time schedule

Make a time schedule for tasks you carry out every day. Such as checking your emails.  You could make a commitment to look at your emails for 5 minutes every hour, categorise and flag, then turn your notifications off (except for those marked urgent), this way you won’t see that email number going up and get side tracked onto another task.  Then make set times a day to dedicate your time to your emails. But make sure you action them as you go along.

Organise you work space

Put those invoices, receipts and other documents into specified piles, have an in and out tray and take the time to file and clean up. It doesn’t need to be complex just something that makes sense to you.  Keeping a tidy workspace will ensure your workload can flow easily and you can always find what you’re looking for quickly.

Don’t Multitask

When doing something that really needs you full attention, even if its mundane and not something you particularly want to be doing, make sure you make the time for it.  Starting too many tasks together can often make you fall short on something. You might miss out a vital step or forget something altogether.  When you are really busy is may seem the best and easiest thing to juggle a few things at a time but time management is vital to getting everything done to the best quality you can achieve. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

People sometimes group needing help with the idea of failing but, having the confidence to ask for help allows you to focus on those areas of your business you and only you can do.  

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