5 Super cool places you can work as a self employed parent

Does anyone remember moaning about having to go to a 9-5 job where we’d sit in an air conditioned office, drink our coffee while it’s still hot, and eat our lunch without any interruptions? Oh and get paid to eat our lunch!?!?!!! Man, that sucked right?! Well, here are my top five super amazing alternatives on places you may find yourself working as a self employed parent:

  1. The bathroom. I’ve always wanted to sit on the toilet and answer emails while my son splashes me with water from the huge plastic dinosaur he refuses to bath without!

  2. The car. It’s super cold in the winter, there’s no desk so you have to use your lap and you can’t make a single noice incase the baby wakes up. Also forget about using the bathroom. Women who (lets face it) may struggle to hold it at the best of times after having a baby, now have to learn a while new level of uncomfortable while you type franticly trying to distract yourself.

  3. Whilst pushing a pushchair to the park. If you haven’t tried this, you must! It’s incredibly easy to steer a pushchair whilst on the phone, pretending your child is someone else’s when they are screaming for snacks in the background. (All lies, don’t do it)

  4. Coffee shops. Because let’s face it when it comes to meetings NO ONE should be coming to your home office / playdough making area where there’s seven piles of laundry you have to fight through to get to your desk (which you never use and may aswell be replaced with a house plant)

  5. Soft plays. Now if you haven’t tried this already you’re in for a treat. Tons of screaming kids, sticky tables, plastic cups to drink lukewarm water out of and your children will 100% leave you alone the whole time and play by their selves (yeah right 🙄)

We wouldn’t have it any other way though right ?! Keep going guys you’re doing an amazing job

Hope Marshall